[linux-support] Samsung data recovery

ge2b at posteo.net ge2b at posteo.net
Sat Sep 26 12:32:27 CEST 2020


I dropped my Samsung S10 smartphone and I cannot see or read anything on
the screen. The phone still works as it rings when you call it, but that
is all. I would like to transfer the data (sms and photos) onto a new 
samsung S10 phone.

I have no android account or backup.

I tried to apply the support's group ideas, such as using adb, but I am 
not able to use it.

I went to the official Samsung Service Center in Sihlcity Zurich with no 

Then I went to a repair shop and it seems that they have maybe erased 
all the data when working on it.

I would like to have an "expert" look at it.

All your suggestions are welcomed.

Thank you in advance.



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